Ben Norton

Ben Norton (also Benjamin Norton) is a journalist and writer.

ben norton journalist

Ben Norton’s work primarily focuses on US foreign policy, the Middle East, media criticism, and movements for economic and social justice.

He is currently a reporter for AlterNet’s Grayzone Project. You can read his AlterNet articles here. He was previously a politics staff writer and reporter for Salon.

Other articles and writings can be found at Ben’s blog.

Ben has also freelanced for a variety of other publications, such as The Intercept and Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting (FAIR).

Here you can find a selection of Ben’s media appearances and interviews.

When not writing about politics (which is rather rare), Ben is also a musician and composer. Here you can find his music, in a variety of styles, including jazz, rock, classical, and electronic.

You can contact Ben here. He lives in New York City.

Ben Norton’s Blog:

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