1/3rd of Israelis Support Putting Palestinians in Internment Camps During War

A 2010 report by the Israel Democracy Institute (IDI) found that 1/3rd of Israelis would support putting Palestinians in internment camps in times of war.

The page from the report

The page from the report

Page 142 of the report “The 2010 Israeli Democracy Index: Democratic Principles in Practice” notes

Nonetheless, it should be noted that the prevailing view among the Jewish public (50%) is that Israel should not follow in the footsteps of the United States (which during World War II placed its Japanese citizens in internment camps for fear that they would assist the enemy) and detain Arab citizens in the event of war or a grave security crisis. One third (33%), however, actually favor such a step in wartime (the remainder had no clear opinion on the subject).

The report by the pro-Israel organization uses the fact that, according to this poll, 50% of Israelis oppose internments camps in order to cushion the blow that at least 33% of Israelis support creating internment camps. As it notes, the remaining 17% of Israelis voiced no clear opinion, meaning there may be even more Israelis who would support such an action.

In spite of its status as an ostensible “independent, nonpartisan” think tank, the IDI is widely acknowledged to be wholly biased in favor of Israel. These figures may be conservative.

As I have noted before, in 2012, in Haaretz,

renowned journalist Gideon Levy published the results of a poll that found “Most Israeli Jews Would Support Apartheid Regime in Israel.” This study, “expos[ing] anti-Arab, ultra-nationalist views espoused by a majority of Israeli Jews,” was not based on an internet survey. It was conducted by Dialog and directed by professor Camil Fuchs, Haaretz’s polling expert and head of the Department of Statistics at Tel Aviv University’s School of Mathematical Science, and commissioned by the Yisraela Goldblum Fund.

The study revealed the following unsavory facts about Israeli society:

– 59% want preference for Jews over Arabs in admission to jobs in government ministries.

– 49% want the state to treat Jewish citizens better than Arab ones.

– 42% don’t want to live in the same building with Arabs.

– 42% don’t want their children in the same class with Arab children.

– c. 33% want a law barring Israeli Arabs from voting for the Knesset.

– 69% object to giving 2.5 million Palestinians the right to vote if Israel annexes the West Bank.

– 74% majority are in favor of separate roads for Israelis and Palestinians.

– 24% believe separate roads are “a good situation.”

– 50% believe separate roads are “a necessary situation.”

– 47% want part of Israel’s Arab population to be transferred to the Palestinian Authority.

– 36% support transferring some of the Arab towns from Israel to the PA, in exchange for keeping some of the West Bank settlements.

– 38% want Israel to annex the territories with settlements on them.

– 31% don’t admit that Israel practices apartheid against Arabs.

– 58% do admit that Israel practices apartheid against Arabs.