5 Days into Operation Protective Edge: a Massacre

(13 July)

After five (and counting) days of Israel’s barbaric massacre in Gaza, Operation Offensive Edge (more commonly, and euphemistically, known as Operation “Protective” Edge), things look worse and worse. New findings, better detailing just the degree of barbarism Israel is engaging in, have come to light.

Gaza is suffering unspeakably horrific crimes, as many Israelis are applauding the death and destruction. Innocent blood is being spilt, and no one is being held accountable. International law is being assassinated, its cadaver rumpled up and tossed to the side like a mere inconvenient burden.

Israel (and the US) spits in the face of human life, freedom, and dignity, (proudly) collecting violations of international law and human rights like a young child collects marbles.

Herein follows a brief summary of the ghastly situation in Israel-Palestine, as it presently stands.


But, let me guess, “self-defense” right?


– Here are the names and ages of the 174 Palestinians killed by Israel in Gaza since just the 8th.


– Palestinian doctors report that patient injuries indicate Israel is using banned, internationally illegal DIME chemical weapons in Gaza.

DIMEs are barbaric chemical weapons that kill and/or burn off limbs of people they hit. Those who survive these bombs die soon later because the weapons rapidly CAUSE CANCER in those hit (you can’t make barbarism like this up). They are also incredibly carcinogenic, and pollute the environment around the people they kill and mutilate.


– Israelis are sitting, eating popcorn, clapping as their murderous, racist ethnostate BOMBS Gaza.


– Israeli leftists are challenging their racist government’s Gaza massacre, but Israeli fascists and police are attacking them.


– In the words of Miko Peled, son of prominent Israeli general and grandson of an Israeli “Founding Father”:

Over 1000 injured, 100s dead; Israeli media is silent; Israeli politicians demand more innocent blood. Netanyahu the butcher outdid himself.