5,928 Hate Crimes Reported to FBI in 2013

There were 5,928 hate crimes reported to the FBI in 2013—an average of over 16 per day. 5,922 were motivated by a single bias.

These constitute just the attacks that were reported to the FBI, so the actual number of hate crimes in the US in 2013 is likely significantly higher.

fbi hate crimes 2013

59.6% (roughly 3,530) of the reported assaults were based on race (48.5%) or ethnicity (11.1%). Of the reported hate crimes based on race in the US in 2013, 66.4% were anti-black racist attacks.

The FBI notes that “63.9% were crimes against persons (e.g., intimidation, assaults, rapes, murders), while 35% were property crimes (mostly acts of destruction/damage/vandalism).”

In 2012, there were 6,573 hate crimes reported to the FBI.