A Guide to the Worst Refugee Crisis Since WWII

(This article is published in Mondoweiss.)

The world is witnessing the largest refugee crisis since the horrors of World War II.

Today there are close to 60 million war refugees, according to the UN—an all-time high, as violence and persecution around the world are on the rise.

Millions of refugees from Syria, Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, and Yemen are fleeing violence and war in their countries.

Human rights organizations warn the Gulf states, Israel, Iran, and Russia—all of which have taken zero refugees—along with the US, Canada, and Europe—which have taken few—are not doing enough to provide refuge to the asylum-seekers.

The crisis has also emboldened racists to be open with their anti-Arab bigotry.

Here is a guide to the worst refugee crisis since World War II, with information about every country you need to know.

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