Amnesty: Israel “Committed War Crimes” in Summer 2014 Attack

For the front page of its annual report, Amnesty International chose a photo of rubble in Gaza, after Israel's summer 2014 attack.

For the front page of its annual report, Amnesty International chose a photo of rubble in Gaza, after Israel’s summer 2014 attack.

(25 February 2015)

Amnesty International states unequivocally in its Annual Report 2014/15 that “Israeli forces committed war crimes and human rights violations during a 50-day military offensive in the Gaza Strip” in the summer of 2014, codenamed Operation “Protective Edge.”

According to Amnesty, in the attack, “Israel killed over 1,500 civilians, including 539 children, wounded thousands more civilians, and caused massive civilian displacement and destruction of property and vital services.”

The leading human rights organization also addresses a slew of other crimes in which Israel engaged:

  • Blockade as “Collective Punishment”

    Through its illegal seven-year air, sea, and land blockade of Gaza, Amnesty accuses Israel of “imposing collective punishment on its approximately 1.8 million inhabitants and stoking the humanitarian crisis.”

  • “Unlawful Killings” in West Bank

    These crimes were not limited to Gaza. In its report, Amnesty also indicates that Israeli occupation forces in the West Bank “carried out unlawful killings of Palestinian protesters, including children, and maintained an array of oppressive restrictions on Palestinians’ freedom of movement.”

  • “Illegal Settlements”

    Amnesty accuses the Israeli government of “continuing to promote illegal settlements and allow Israeli settlers to attack Palestinians and destroy their property with near total impunity.”

  • Torture and Detention without Trial

    The organization also notes that “Israeli forces detained thousands of Palestinians, some of whom reported being tortured, and held around 500 administrative detainees without trial.”

  • Home Demolitions

    Israeli authorities also demolished Bedouin homes and engaged “forcible evictions.”

  • Expulsion of Migrants

    The government “also detained and summarily expelled thousands of foreign migrants, including asylum-seekers.”

  • Imprisoning Conscientious Objectors

    Amnesty also criticizes the state for imprisoning Israeli conscientious objectors.