On “Russian hacking,” lack of evidence, shoddy reporting, Democratic scapegoating, US hypocrisy — Interview with Chris Hedges and Abby Martin

I joined journalist Abby Martin for an interview on Chris Hedges’ show “On Contact.” We discussed the allegations of Russian hacking in the US election, and the lack of evidence and shoddy reporting that have accompanied the growing anti-Russian hysteria — which just so happens to come at a time when the US and NATO allies are sending thousands of troops and hundreds of tanks and armored vehicles to Russia’s border.

We also spoke of how, much as the far-right demagogue Donald Trump scapegoats Muslims and migrants for domestic problems, the Democratic Party is similarly scapegoating the evil bogeyman of Russia’s Vladmir Putin, instead of dealing with its own very serious internal issues, as a Wall Street-funded, neoliberal, pro-war party that purports to be on the left.

The interview concluded with an underscoring of the extreme hypocrisy of the US government making such declarations, given its decades-long history of not only interfering in but explicitly overthrowing foreign governments that challenged corporate interests and capitalism.

You can watch Hedges, Martin, and I discuss these subjects here:

And for those interested in reading more, prominent anti-Putin activist Masha Gessen wrote a detailed article for The New York Review of Books dissecting the US intelligence community’s frankly embarrassing report on supposed Russian hacking.

Gessen noted that the US Office of the Director of National Intelligence (DNI) report utterly lacked any solid evidence, and that, if its “vague assertions were clarified and its circular logic straightened out, nothing would be left.”

This ludicrous “blame Russia!” hysteria, she stressed, “risks perpetuating the fallacy that Trump is some sort of a foreign agent rather than a home-grown demagogue.”