Bernie Sanders: Media More Concerned with Hair than Struggling Americans

The New York Times Magazine asked self-declared democratic socialist US presidential candidate Bernie Sanders in an interview published 17 August “Do you think it’s fair that Hillary’s hair gets a lot more scrutiny than yours does?”

Sanders replied “Hillary’s hair gets more scrutiny than my hair? … Is that what you’re asking? … O.K., Ana [Marie Cox, the interviewer], I don’t mean to be rude here. I am running for president of the United States on serious issues, O.K.? Do you have serious questions?”

The independent socialist senator continued, pointing out what he claims are the US media’s superficial interests.

When the media worries about what Hillary’s hair looks like or what my hair looks like, that’s a real problem. We have millions of people who are struggling to keep their heads above water, who want to know what candidates can do to improve their lives, and the media will very often spend more time worrying about hair than the fact that we’re the only major country on earth that doesn’t guarantee health care to all people.

Marie Cox of course meant to draw attention to the misogynist media’s double standards vis-à-vis women, although her question may not have been articulated in an ideal fashion.

“It’s also true that the media pays more attention to what female candidates look like than it does to what male candidates look like,” she explained further.

“That may be. That may be, and it’s absolutely wrong,” Sanders replied.

He does have a point, nevertheless: the US corporate media is infinitely more concerned with celebrities’ hair, bodies, and fledgling amorous relationships than it is with average human beings suffering and dying not just here at home, but also throughout the world.