CNN’s Wolf Blitzer Exposes the Inherent Bias in “Objective” Journalism™

Reminder: If your journalism does not serve the interests of the powerful, it is not “objective”; it is “biased.”

You see, the job of Objective Journalism™ is to filter and present news in a way that serves power. CNN is the ultimate source of Objective Journalism™. It is located in the “center” of the US political spectrum (meaning at least the center-right of the political spectrum in much of the rest of the world), and it gets enormous financial support from some of the world’s most powerful corporations. Its “objectivity” and “neutrality” are guaranteed (or your money back)!

Naturally, then, the job of the Objective Journalist™, epitomized in the sacrosanct figure of CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, is of course to serve as a mouthpiece of power.

In the latest example of Objective Journalism™ in action, let us turn to Blitzer’s interview with prominent anti-racist activist and community organizer Deray McKesson. The topic of discussion: Baltimore Uprising (also pejoratively referred to as the “Baltimore Riots,” as if it were not a popular uprising against extreme and violent oppression, not to mention as if riots were inherently a bad thing).

Throughout the interview, Blitzer employs a classic Objective Journalist™ technique, asking pointed, loaded questions like “but you want peaceful protests, right?”, in an incredibly patronizing and blatantly biased manner.

Blitzer is a man on a mission, and his mission is not to disseminate news; it is to hound civil and human rights activists like Deray and get them to condemn protesters. For, you see, Blitzer works for the US corporate media. And, throughout the “Baltimore Riots,” the US corporate media—along with the government—has consistently demonstrated that it cares much more about the destruction of private property than it does about the constant police murders of innocent black Americans.

Some would say this is not “journalism,” that it is merely propaganda desperately trying to delegitimize resistance against a violent white supremacist state. Those people are just commies though; what do they know?

Deray stands his ground, pointing out that “the people who have been violent since August [and long before] have been the police,” not protesters.

“Broken spines are worse than broken windows,” Deray adds, referring to the police murder of innocent 25-year-old black man Freddie Gray, whose voice box was crushed and whose spinal cord was 80% severed by police. “Freddie Gray will never be back, but those windows will be,” Deray says.

Blitzer, nonetheless, knows the perfect way to counter evidence. He has mastered the art of obfuscating facts; he is a mighty Objective Journalist™ after all.

The CNN anchor cites Obama’s spineless (pun-intended) denunciation of Baltimore residents’ resistance against the totalitarian white supremacist police state murdering them, terrorizing their families, and locking them up, stealing years of their lives, and then tries to get Deray to endorse it.

Deray refuses to fall for the trap, instead responding boldly “I hope the President understands the conditions that created the unrest, and that continue the unrest.”

What exactly are these conditions? In the pages of Jacobin, Baltimore resident Shawn Gude writes, the “most salient thing in Baltimore isn’t the damage caused by protesters, but the grinding poverty and neglect wrought by capital.”

But, once again, these people are commies, what could they possibly know?