Daily Mail Whitewashes Blackwater Mercenaries Who Slaughtered Iraqi Children

British tabloid The Daily Mail published a maudlin fluff piece that whitewashes the Blackwater mercenaries who slaughtered Iraqi children and unarmed civilians.

This is the nauseating headline and summary the publication provides:

daily mail whitewash blackwater

‘I haven’t hugged my husband in six months, but I’ll wait for him 30 years’: Agony of the Blackwater guard’s wife as he is jailed for decades for Iraqi civilian deaths

  • Blackwater contractor Paul Slough was convicted of voluntary manslaughter of innocent civilians in Baghdad in 2007
  • His wife of 11 years Christin can only see him through a sheet of Plexiglas
  • She describes her husband as ‘incredibly sweet, kind, funny and respectful. He is a good Texas boy’ and a great dad to two-year-old Lily
  • ‘We went on a date to Joe’s Crab Shack, and I’ve been head over heels ever since’
  • She said her husband is learning to deal with his incarceration by leading Bible study groups inside the prison

To Iraqis, this kind of propagandistic filth would be comparable to a German newspaper lamenting the “suffering” Nazi war criminals had to go through after World War II.

After all, in the period from 1991 to 2014, US policies, sanctions, war, and occupation killed no less than three million Iraqis.

kissinger iran iraq war

And this is not to mention the previous decade, in which the US supported both sides of the Iran-Iraq War, the longest conventional war in modern history, which led to the death of over a million people. Reflecting on the war, blood-soaked criminal and longtime US government employee and adviser Henry Kissinger remarked “It’s a pity they both can’t lose.” Israel and its supporters called it the “Blessed War” and insisted that they wanted it to continue for 100 years.

These Blackwater mercenaries are mass murderers who gunned down Iraqi civilians in the Nisoor Massacre. These are terrorists.

Former Blackwater employees testified against them:

The trial of four former Blackwater guards accused of massacring 17 Iraqi civilians at Baghdad’s Nisoor Square is continuing this week with former employees offering an inside account of the killings.

One witness described how one of his colleagues shot an unarmed Iraqi who was holding his hands up in an apparent gesture of surrender.

Another said he saw people hiding in their cars, trying to shield their children, while a third recalled waving to Iraqis, telling them to duck down as his own colleagues showered the area with bullets.

The media commonly refers to Blackwater contractors as “guards.” They were not guards. They were armed mercenaries paid for by the US government in order to “defend” its illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq. They are white terrorists who were employed by Blackwater and paid with US tax dollars.

The four white terrorists, employed by Blackwater, paid with US tax dollars

The four white terrorists, employed by Blackwater, paid with US tax dollars

“They were fathers!” The Daily Mail implores us—but what about the Iraqi parents whose children were massacred, or the Iraqi children who are now orphans?

Their stories are not told.

When white terrorists massacre people of color, especially Muslim people of color—especially Muslim people of color who are subjugated by US empire—the white terrorists are themselves humanized.

When terrorists who happen to be Muslims kill non-Muslims, the media does not dare to even acknowledge their humanity—yet alone lament that they will not see their children for 30 years. Those who attempt to point out that these terrorists were humans too—not to mention the fact that they were often radicalized by Western imperialism and the horrific crimes committed against them—are instantly deemed “supporters of terrorism.”

Humanizing the wrong kind of terrorist is a great way to lose your job—and in a flash.

Humanizing the “right” kind of terrorist is a great way to get those shameless shares on social media.