Democrats’ “America Is Already Great” hat symbolizes everything wrong with the reactionary party

They have done it; they have finally done it.

The Democratic Party has created the most perfect symbol of its reactionary politics, the most accurate encapsulation of its bankrupt ideology.

Behold: the “America Is Already Great” hat.

america is already great hat

Yes, the Democratic Party is selling this chthonic monstrosity on its official website. It is not something conjured by The Onion (although it might as well have been).

“America is already great, so we printed up this union-made hat right here in America, which is great,” the liberal faction of the Business Party writes in the product description, while actively attacking the very labor movement it purports to represent (or, until the rise of the Clintonian “New Democrat,” at least used to purport to represent).

“Wear it with pride when you’re telling your friends about more than 73 straight months of private-sector job growth under President Obama,” writes the ostensibly “left-wing” party that has ingratiated itself so thoroughly with the private sector that it is hard to tell where Goldman Sachs begins and where the DNC ends.

Those “historically low uninsured rates” are the cherry on top. Indeed, the more the working class is beholden to insurance corporations, the more free it is. Health care and health insurance are precisely the same thing — just like rights and ownership. Single-payer will “never, ever” happen!

There is no greater symbol than this, folks; this is as good as it gets. It epitomizes everything the warmongering Wall Street-backed multimillionaire Hillary Clinton and her party represent: the gilded (and copyrighted) Liberal American Dream™. Everyone is free when they have a private-sector job, insurance, and an inverted Trumpian hat.

Donald Trump, the plutocrat-turned-presidential-candidate, the fascistic billionaire who has mobilized Great America’s temporarily dormant yet interminably present white supremacist far-right, is not qualitatively different than Clinton, the hat screams out at us; nay, he is rhetorically different. Trump is simply the inverted expression of the very same political excrescence embodied by the Clintons.

Both the Republican and Democratic Parties express themselves through such commodities — while ultimately acting in the interest of capital. After all, conspicuous consumption, like the present property relations, like the capitalist mode of production, like the nation-as-trucker-hat metaphor, is inevitable, natural, human, desirable, attractive, beautiful, great. There is no alternative.

The Democratic establishment does not want to abolish Trumpism; it merely wants to be the symbolic inversion. Republicans wear the red hat; Democrats wear the blue one. The notion that one might dare to walk around without a hat is ludicrous, heretical — just as ludicrous and heretical as the notion that America is not or never was great.

Note, I said symbolic inversion, not ideological inversion. The ideological inversion of a fascistic candidate like Trump would be a socialist candidate. The inversion of barbarism is socialism.

Yet the Democratic Party wants nothing to do with the latter, with the trifles of socialism. It merely wants barbarism with a kind face, barbarism with a diverse face, barbarism with a face cozily snuggled under a beautiful, dare I say great patriotic hat.