Dershowitz Lets Anti-Black Racism Slip in Interview

Alan Dershowitz—a leading defender of Israel and accused child rapist with a long history of attacking survivors of sexual abuse and making “shockingly vicious and sexist” statements—made shockingly anti-black racist remarks in a Freudian slip.

In a USA Today interview about Oscar Pistorius—the white South African professional athlete and double amputee (commonly known as the “Blade Runner”) who killed his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp—Dershowitz predicted that the judge was “going to give him a lenient sentence.”

When asked why, and how the political context influenced the case, Dershowitz responded in a bout of shockingly blunt racism.

I think, in general, his basic defense he couldn’t present to a black woman judge. Every white person in South Africa knows that you have to be concerned about black intruders in the middle of the night. But you can’t make that argument. Because it would sound racist to a black woman judge. So that argument couldn’t be performed overtly. Had it been a jury, had it been a white jury, then that argument would have been performed.