Disaster Capitalism: Discussion with journalist Antony Loewenstein

Blog / Friday, February 24th, 2017

I had the pleasure of joining journalist Antony Loewenstein for a public discussion about his book Disaster Capitalism: Making a Killing out of Catastrophe, at McNally Jackson Books in New York City on February 23, 2017.

Antony discussed his reporting on the privatization of wars and detention facilities for refugees and migrants in Afghanistan, Greece, Australia, the UK, and the US.

We also examined the refugee crisis, and how Western wars have fueled this refugee crisis. We highlighted the links tying together war, detention, mass incarceration, the military-industrial complex, and the prison-industrial complex — and how private prison and security companies are profiting from it all.

Antony and I also addressed the rise of far-right and neo-fascist movements around the world, from Donald Trump to Marine Le Pen to Golden Dawn, and how these forces will be incapable of solving the structural global problems exacerbated and reinforced by corporate profits.

You can read my 2016 review of Disaster Capitalism and interview with Antony Loewenstein at Salon.