Discussion of Michael Eric Dyson’s Attack on Cornel West

Quite the controversy has been stirred up in response to “The Ghost of Cornel West,” Michael Eric Dyson’s public attack on leading American activist and scholar Cornel West, in the pages of renowned liberal publication The New Republic.

The Ghosts of Obama’s Victims: Liberals Attacks on Cornel West Expose Their Political Bankruptcy,” the critique I penned in response to Dyson’s hatchet job just a few hours after its publication, happened to go viral.

On 21 April, I had the privilege of participating in a discussion of the controversy on Baltimore radio WEAA 88.9 FM’s No Hooks program, hosted by Dr. Jared A. Ball, of iMixWhatiLike. I was joined by Kirsten West Savali of The Root and Dr. Greg Carr of Howard University.

You can listen to it here: