Looking critically at claims Russia hacked US election for Trump — Interview on Al Jazeera’s “The Listening Post”

Blog / Saturday, December 17th, 2016

I joined Al Jazeera’s “The Listening Post” for a report that dissects with a skeptical eye claims that Russia meddled in the US election on behalf of Donald Trump. The segment points out the lack of solid evidence, the inconsistencies in reports, and the divisions within the US intelligence community — along with the extreme hypocrisy of the US government, and more specifically the CIA, making such condemnations, given its history overthrowing or attempting to overthrow democratically elected governments throughout the world. (The final part of the segment, drawing attention to the US-backed coups in Iran, Guatemala, Chile, and Venezuela, was based on my interview.)

You can watch it here:

(Disclaimer: I do not endorse the segment on Aleppo in this episode.)