FBI Threatens to Kill American Muslim Who Refuses to Be a Spy

I try to avoid comparisons to Nazi Germany,

1, because they often actually pale in comparison to the unspeakable horrors of German fascism, and,

2, because comparing something to Nazi Germany is usually just intellectual laziness, Nazism being one of the only examples of horrendous things in modern history that most Americans know about.

That said, this is some Nazi-Germany-level racism:

This American Refused to Become an FBI Informant. Then the Government Made His Family’s Life Hell.

This Mother Jones exposé, featured in its May/June print issue, explains that a completely innocent American Muslim living abroad, Naji Mansour, was ordered by the FBI to become a spy. He refused.

The FBI then used proxy government police forces to torture him. He still refused.

The FBI then began attacking his family, making his mother lose her job, forcing him into exile, separating him from his wife and children. He still refused.

Now the FBI is threatening to KILL him.

This is how the “Land of the Free” treats Muslim Americans.

At this point, the US is well beyond the point of being just an institutionally racist rogue state; it is rapidly, unflinchingly racing down the path toward fascism. I exaggerate neither in this comparison nor in this characterization.

Democracy Now! featured Naji Mansour, speaking from Sudan, and Nick Baumann, the journalist who investigated the story for Mother Jones.