Forbes: Can You Say Propaganda?

(10 November 2013)

To those who still take Forbes seriously as a “news” source:
It is now using Ayn Rand for quote of the day.

forbes ayn rand thought of the day

Wait, not the “Quote of the Day, EVEN WORSE: Ayn Rand for “‘Thought’ of the Day”

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To those who balk at my writing off an entire “respected” publication because it overtly espouses objectivist philosophy, realize my above comment is (mostly) tongue-in-cheek, of course. This is by NO MEANS the only reason I am very wary of Forbes. It’s a typical neoliberal, socially liberal, fanatically pro-business (-as-usual) publication.

Like a slightly worse New York Times.

What I’m pointing out is that quoting Ayn Rand, or, even worse, forcing people who want to access your news story (note, I was accessing Forbes as a news source, to read an article, upon coming across this) to read Ayn Rand is merely symptomatic of these larger issues.

Forbes is “news” in the sense that (in similar examples) CNN or MSNBC, or even (in an extreme example) Fox “News,” are news. I know what their stories are going to tell me; I know which aspects of stories (i.e., reality) they are going to emphasize and privilege over others–and, conversely, which they are going to de-emphasize, and even ignore. Yes, the majority (yet, significantly, not all) of what they say is not false, per se; Forbes (and the other mentioned “news” sources) is, rather, much more insidious in what it chooses to leave out of stories, in creating what effectively amount to soft, white lies of omission.

Want an example?

Give Back? Yes, It’s Time For The 99% To Give Back To The 1%


The themes of the article? Every piece of capitalist propaganda you can imagine.

The rich are rich because they are talented, skilled, and hard-working. (So we should follow in their example.)

The rich create jobs. (So we should be grateful to them.)

The rich run our economy. (So we should admire, bow down to, them.)

“Freedom” means freedom for the rich to do whatever the hell they want. (So we let them do that.)

The list goes on…

Again, I need to stress that this is NOT, by any stretch of the imagination, an isolated phenomenon.

More drivel from just today, for instance:

President Obama Clearly Never Worked For Goldman Sachs

And, the moral of the article? You got it. If we only privatized healthcare even further, we’d have a magical, productive, efficient system. Like cellphones! It is so bad all you can do is laugh at it.

I have a new challenge:
Go to the Forbes homepage. Literally everything there will be nausea-inducing. Whatever rational human being can go the longest without puking wins!