Geert Wilders, the “Dutch Donald Trump,” tries to mainstream far-right, anti-Muslim policies — Interview on The Real News

I joined The Real News to discuss Dutch fascist Geert Wilders, a virulently anti-Muslim demagogue who was temporarily set back in the election, but far from defeated.

I co-wrote a detailed report with Max Blumenthal on Geert Wilder’s extreme far-right, anti-Muslim views and close ties to US pro-Israel groups.

Like most contemporary neofascists, Wilders has effectively lifted Nazi rhetoric from last century and substituted “Muslim” for “Jew.” And like most neofascists, he is a diehard Zionist (who has visited Israel more than 40 times) and even receives large donations from key figures in the pro-Israel US Islamophobia industry.

Watch the interview here or at The Real News website.