Google’s Killing Music on YouTube

Blog / Tuesday, June 17th, 2014

(17 June 2014)

Google-owned YouTube has decided to block independent music labels who don’t sign up for its paid music service.


Studies show that 2/3rds of American teenagers under 18 use YouTube to listen to and discover music. This is more than any other medium. And Google is about to kill indie music on YouTube.

Google is going down a path that will make YouTube the next radio—an amazing technology whose potential is entirely wasted, dominated by homogenous, redundant, lifeless corporate programming.

Get ready for a YouTube full of Top 100… and not much else.

YouTube is essentially a collective, international cultural entity, an amazing, and potentially even liberating, technological medium through which the world (at least those sections privileged enough to have access to the internet and cameras) can share culture, ideas, and more.

But it’s potential of course will not be realized, because there is profit to be made. (And why not? It’s so grossly inefficient otherwise!)

This is what happens when we let a private corporation control a collective, international cultural entity like YouTube (or the radio before that).

AdBlock might be able to block ads, but it can’t bring content to a place where it isn’t allowed.

In spite of how many starry-eyed technocrats tell you otherwise, Google is NOT your friend. Never has been. And never will be.

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