Happy 4th of July from Architects

(4 July 2014)

My 4th of July wish to you all comes not in the form of a long, dense, angry essay (I write enough of those), but in the form of a song—more specifically, British metalcore band Architects’s song “These Colours Don’t Run.”

If I were to write a song called “These Colo(u)rs Don’t Run,” the lyrics would probably be something like:

These colors might not run,
but they kill
and everything
they touch.

I might also throw in an angry screamed refrain: “Fight back against imperialism!”

Alas, I didn’t write that song… yet…

Anyway, Architects had a slightly different vision in mind.

As is the case in a lot (a lot) of metalcore, the lyrics might be quite, well, let’s just say clunky, in parts. But I find these to be the highlights:

I’m struggling to find any poetry in this.

These streets aren’t paved with gold. Don’t believe everything that you’re told. Deception hides in all you see. Corruption hangs in the air you breathe.

And, perhaps the most pointed insult ever conceived:

If there was a God,
you [the US] would be the
death of Him.

#OUCH #pwned #murica