Hillary Clinton Strongly Promoted the TPP for Years as Secretary of State

Hillary Clinton, a true politician, is the master of saying one thing and doing the other, of claiming she supports a position and then making precisely the opposite move.

Now that she is running for president, Hillary Clinton often refuses to take a firm position on issues, instead wiggling out of questions with that strangely ambiguous language of Politician Speak.

Clinton is on record, however, telling labor leaders and progressives that she opposes the neoliberal Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)—often described as “NAFTA on steroids”—which will gut labor and environmental regulations in 40% of the global economy and grant multinational corporations unprecedented powers in what some have referred to as a “global corporate coup d’état.”

In fact, not only has Clinton claimed she now suddenly opposes the neoliberal trade agreement; she has even gone so far as to insist she never worked on it in the first place.

The problem is this is a blatant and demonstrative lie. Clinton spent years openly and strongly supporting the TPP as Secretary of State in the Obama administration.

WikiLeaks cables show Hillary Clinton’s State Department was deeply involved in supporting the TPP.

A video of Clinton in Singapore in November 2012 shows her enthusiastically lauding the deal.

Countless similar videos exist.

In exhaustive research, CNN documented 45 instances when Clinton pushed for the neoliberal trade agreement she now suddenly claims to oppose.

“As members of the Obama administration can attest,” CNN writes, Hillary “Clinton was one of the leading drivers of the TPP.”