Hillary Clinton supporters jump the shark — Marine Le Pen’s male opponents are clearly sexists

Hillary Clinton supporters have finally jumped the shark with ludicrous, apolitical, propagandistic mudslinging.

We have actually reached the point where New York Times reporters are forcefully, publicly implying that it is “sexist” for men with 45 percent of delegates to dare to challenge fanatically hawkish Wall Street-backed corrupt multimillionaires who happen to be women.

Yamiche Alcindor hijacked a press conference Q&A on June 6 to ask Bernie Sanders, “What do you say to women who say that you staying in the race is sexist because you’re standing in the way of what could be the first female president?”

The media exploded, as liberals flocked to defend the implication that left-wing men who dare to challenge preordained Emperor Clinton are obviously raging woman-haters. Obviously.

No effort is made to actually address the female candidate and her policies; nay, by virtue of her being a woman, she must be a better choice, politics be damned.

Everyone knows the Labour Party’s James Callaghan was such a sexist for running against Margaret Thatcher in 1979, standing in the way of Britain’s first female prime minister — not to mention the first mother of neoliberalism and the first woman to destroy the UK’s labor movement!

Just as, when men run against far-right Marine Le Pen in the 2017 election, they will clearly be sexists standing in the way of France’s first female president.

And if you bring up Le Pen’s father, the founder of her party the National Front, it’s not because he was a Nazi and Holocaust denier; no, it’s because you’re sexist and only see women in terms of their male relatives.

When a socialist called Le Pen a fascist, she sued him, and a clearly sexist court (say “Bernie Bro” in a French accent) subsequently ruled that is was okay for the “brocialist” to call her a fascist.

How dare a court, or any left-wing candidate who happens to have XY chromosomes, stand in her way!

You see, anti-fascism is now sexist in France, and in Europe as a whole. For, let us not forget, Le Pen will also be the first female fascist head of state in Europe — a truly historic breakthrough!

Oh and, by the way, anyone who opposes Sanders’ presidential campaign is clearly anti-Semitic, because they are standing in the way of the US’ first Jewish president.

This, after all, is how identity politics works.