Hitler pitched his genocidal ideology to capitalists stressing their common enemy: communism

Just as neo-fascists are again doing today, fascists a century ago sold their genocidal ideology to capitalists by stressing that they were the only ones who could save capitalism from its imminent demise and defeat communism.

In a 1931 interview with the journalist Richard Breiting, Adolf Hitler reportedly said:

Communism … is the number one enemy of our organization and of the bourgeoisie. Only we are capable of saving the dying bourgeoisie from this enemy.

The first people to be forced into Nazi concentration camps, starting in 1933, were communists.

This quote appears on page 86 in Ishay Landa’s book The Apprentice’s Sorcerer: Liberal Tradition and Fascism. It cites Edouard Calic’s 1968 work Ohne Maske. Hitler-Breiting Geheimgespräche, which was published in English in 1971 with the title Unmasked: Two Confidential Interviews with Hitler in 1931.

Landa adds that Hitler later stressed similarly:

It is impossible to have one part of the people supporting private property, while the other part denies it. Such a struggle tears the people apart. … In such struggles the people’s power is consumed inwardly, so that consequentially it cannot act externally. … The question of the preparation [Herstellung] of the Wehrmacht will not be decided in Geneva but in Germany, if, through internal calm, we will obtain internal force. Internal calm, however, is unobtainable before Marxism is done away with.