Explaining the war on Yemen and US support for Saudi regime — Interview

I joined Eric Draitser on his program Stop Imperialism Radio for a detailed discussion of the catastrophic US-Saudi war on Yemen, which has created the largest humanitarian crisis in the world.

We also addressed the danger of right-wing conspiracies and an exaggerated fixation on the influence of foreign “lobbies,” which obfuscate the hegemony of US empire.

You can listen to the first half of the interview below:

In the second half of the interview, we addressed Bernie Sanders’ weakness on Israel-Palestine and imperialism, the growing dangers of fascism throughout the world, and why the far-right is on the rise.

The rest of our discussion can be found at Draitser’s Patreon page.

Draitser wrote for the description:

This time Eric chats with journalist Ben Norton about the genocidal US-Saudi war on Yemen, Bernie Sanders and Palestine, and the threat of fascism in seemingly every corner of the world.

The conversation begins with an in-depth analysis of the ongoing war in Yemen, Saudi Arabia and US strategic goals, the human suffering caused by the war, the role of the US in Yemen, and so much more. This horrific war remains little covered, and even less understood, all the while men, women, and children are killed by bombs, drones, disease, and starvation.

From there, Eric and Ben discuss Bernie Sanders and his inability to take a firm stand on Palestine, the politics behind his position, and the role Bernie played in politically mobilizing millions of young people. Bernie’s successes and failures, strengths and shortcomings are all laid bare.

Finally, the conversation shifts to the rise of far right fascist politics all over the world. Eric and Ben debate the reasons behind the fascist upsurge, how it relates to establishment politics, and the marketing campaign to mainstream fascist politics. All this and so much more in this lengthy, in-depth conversation with Ben Norton.