Iowa Congressman Says We Need More US Imperialism

(1 March 2014)

Rarely are US politicians as blatant about their support for imperialism as Steve King.

Last week, on 25 February 2014, the Iowa congressman, addressing the House of Representatives, firmly insisted that the US must impose Christendom on Latin America, just like that magnanimous genocidist, slavery-advocating, entrepreneur Columbus did.

The full-throated Americanism as the leaders of the free world, of Western Christendom, has not been asserted strongly enough in this hemisphere, and certainly not strongly enough in other hemispheres.

In other words, “The US isn’t imperialist enough—it needs to control more of the world.”

This isn’t McKinley speaking; this is the US Representative for Iowa’s largest (4th) congressional district, a powerful politician who has served in Congress for over a decade (since 2003). Yet this quote literally sounds as though it could have come from the 19th century. No exaggeration. This is how far to the right contemporary American politics is.

Imperialism is alive and well. And we must ensure that the only destiny of Manifest Destiny is irreparable and irresurrectable demise.