Israel keeps attacking Syria, as opposition supporters who sabotaged Palestine solidarity movement remain silent

The Israeli military has carried out yet another attack on Syria.

So-called “pro-Palestinian” Syrian opposition supporters will remain silent, like usual, but the number of attacks continues to grow.

On November 2, Israeli warplanes bombed a storage warehouse in an industrial complex in the countryside of the Syrian city Homs.

Israel once again carried out this airstrike while in Lebanese airspace, which Lebanon has called an illegal act of aggression. In September, Lebanon’s foreign ministry said it was going to formally file a complaint against Israel with the United Nations Security Council over the IDF’s repeated violation of its airspace.

Israel’s former air force commander, Maj. Gen. Amir Eshel, admitted in August that the IDF had carried out around 100 airstrikes since 2012 against the Syrian government and its ally Hezbollah.

Silence from “pro-Palestinian” Syrian rebel supporters

Of course, Syrian oppositions supporters have remained conveniently quiet about all of this, as they always do.

Syrian opposition supporters have intentionally sabotaged the Palestinian solidarity movement, while also intentionally obscuring the fact that Israel is literally funding, aiding, and treating rebel groups in Syria, including al-Qaeda, and has been for years.

I wrote about this topic in greater detail in July: “Israel supports Syrian rebels, like opposition shills who divided Palestine solidarity movement.”

Many of these pro-opposition activists have performative radlib politics, while echoing talking points that were carefully cultivated by the US State Department. Some of these figures — one might call them wreckers — have cushy jobs in NGOs, academia, or the media.

They attack, nonstop, those of us who recognize their hypocrisy, smearing us as “Assadists” and more. But this is because the facts simply are not on their side, and all they can do is resort to baseless smears.

Those of us who live in reality can easily see that one cannot claim to oppose Israel’s illegal colonization and occupation of Palestine while supporting the “rebels” Israel backs next door (along with the US, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey).