Israeli General Implies Anti-Semites Are Zionists’ Allies

Max Blumenthal, a leading journalist covering Israel-Palestine, has detailed how anti-Semites and Zionists are in a “de facto coalition.”

A far-right former Israeli general affirms this thesis, that anti-Jewish bigots and proponents of the hyper-nationalist, settler-colonialist political movement of Zionism are essentially allies, in a whitewashed feature in right-wing publication Times of Israel:

[Major General Gershon HaCohen] also stated that Hamas is “an ally” in certain respects and that US Jewry will come to Israel in due time – either of its own volition or under the specter of anti-Semitism. “They’ll come either in good or in bad,” he said.

In other words, in the view of this Israeli military leader, anti-Semites will help Zionists fulfill their ultimate goal: forcing Jews around the world to flee to historic Palestine.

He is not the only prominent Israeli official to maintain such a perspective. As Blumenthal articulated it:

I don’t think that the hardcore Zionists really care that they’re putting Jewish life in danger in the diaspora. They don’t care that they are destabilizing Jewish life.

One of their nightmares, one of their biggest fears, is the absence of anti-Semitism. Because without anti-Semitism in the West, there is no political justification for the Zionist project which is supposed to exist as a sanctuary from anti-Semitism.

So, in so many ways, they’re acting in a de facto coalition with anti-Semites.

Netanyanhu, Benjamin Netanyahu, the prime minister of Israel, has shown up in Europe repeatedly in the last few months. He shows up every time there is a terrorist attack on Jewish targets in Europe. First, after the kosher supermarket in the Charlie Hebdo attack in Paris, then after the attack on a Jewish target in Copenhagen.

And what does Netanyahu do? He doesn’t call for people of these cities to mobilize together and show solidarity with Jews, to unite against all forms of racism. He calls for all Jews to leave Europe. He calls for a Judenrein Europe, just as anti-Semites do.

The Times of Israel refers to Maj. Gen. HaCohen as “one of the most important emerging voices on the Israeli right and one of the most interesting figures to come out of the army in recent years.” This is one way of describing him. Another way is simply “fascist.”

HaCohen calls Arabs “primitive,” and says “I prefer Hamas to Abu Mazen” (Mahmoud Abbas), because Hamas “helps me prevent a two-state solution” and is actually “an ally, because neither it nor I want a final solution.”

The general also insists that the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) are “holy.” He dubs the Israeli military “the most beautiful and most important thing created by the Jewish people in the last one thousand years” (in my view this is a grossly anti-Semitic, not to mention demented, view).

According to HaCohen, God gave the Jewish people all of the land of historic Palestine. And he would rather see it destroyed in a nuclear bomb than give up an acre of illegally occupied territory.