Israeli Settler Terrorists Bombed a Palestinian Home Near Ramallah

(24 November 2014)

The bombed home
CREDIT: MaanImages

On 23 November 2014, Israeli settler terrorists threw tear gas and stun grenades into the home of the deceased Abd al-Karim Hussein Hamayil. They then spray-painted “death to Arabs” and “vengeance” in Hebrew on the house, located in Khirbet Abu Falah, near Ramallah, before throwing a firebomb into a window, destroying the home. They fled the scene immediately after.

The inside of the home, after being bombed
CREDIT: MaanImages

Who was inside the home? Hamas militants? Nope: Hamayil’s widow and her three daughters. Civilians whose husband and father were already taken from them. Fortunately, no one was injured.

Terrorist settler attacks such as these are common, yet the extremist Israeli nationalists perpetrating them are virtually never punished. Meanwhile, the US media that fixates on unfortunate, yet rare, Palestinian terrorist attacks on Israelis is completely silent when Israelis commit even worse crimes.

Al-Akhbar also notes that, two days before, on 21 November, another group of settler terrorists tried to burn down a house near Ramallah (in al-Mughayyir), yet were prevented by Palestinian resistance. A week before, settler extremists attacked the village, torched a mosque, and burned 12 copies of the Quran.

Hamayil’s widow, holding one of the projectiles thrown into her home
CREDIT: MaanImages

This comes after countless more examples of Israeli settler terrorism. Palestinian Religious Endowments Minister Yousef Adeis estimates Zionist terrorists carried out 110 attacks on religious sites in the Palestinian territories in just the month of October.

In 2013 alone, the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs counted at least 399 incidents of settler terrorism against Palestinians in the occupied West Bank.

Even Fatah Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah, who regularly colludes with the Israeli government in its repression of Palestinians, expressed anger that, in his own words, the “Israeli government has never brought settlers to account for the terrorism and intimidation they commit.”