Israelis Proudly Display Confederate Flags in Jerusalem

Israel-Palestine journalist Dan Cohen tweeted a picture of a Confederate flag on display in Jerusalem.

He explains it’s on “a residence on Agripas Street near the market.”

Fellow Israel-Palestine journalist David Sheen notes that this flag has been up for months.

The fact that the Confederate flag, an American symbol of white supremacy and slavery, can be found in Israel serves as a reminder that Israel is a racist state where not only Palestinians, but also Africans and even Mizrahi (non-European) Jews are treated as sub-humans.

There is a reason (rather, there are many reasons) oppressed Mizrahim created an Israeli Black Panther Party.

As I have written previously, in apartheid Israel:

  • Prominent politicians, including Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Member of Knesset Michael Ben-Ari, call African refugees “infiltrators” and “cancer,” and openly use the n-word;
  • Israeli citizens harass fellow Israelis for engaging in interracial relationships; and
  • African refugees are held (with violence) in what are effectively interment camps.

confederate israel flag pin

Apartheid Israel and the Confederate South, as Dan Cohen indicates, hold many shared values.