Jonathan Chait, alleged journalist, approves of label “neoliberal activist”

Blog / Thursday, June 30th, 2016

Jonathan Chait, the professional red-baiter (or is it red-chaiter?) and staff writer at New York magazine, has approved of the label “neoliberal activist.”

For context, Chait is a caricaturally centrist pundit with a pathological hatred of Bernie Sanders; a self-declared “liberal hawk” who was one of the loudest liberal cheerleaders for the illegal US invasion, and subsequent evisceration, of Iraq; and — surprise, surprise — a staunch  supporter of Hillary Clinton.

We can now add “neoliberal activist” to the ever-growing list of Chait’s ignominious monikers.

Chait castigated renowned education professor Diane Ravitch on Twitter, superficially questioning her scholarly credentials and describing her disparagingly as a “pro-union activist” (a dreaded insult in The Red-Chaiter Book).

Doctoral candidate Josh Mound called the columnist out for his characteristically McCarthyite behavior.

“I can’t say ‘Jon Chait, neoliberal activist’ and call it your professional affiliation, can I?” Mound asked.

“Yeah, go for it,” Chait rejoined.

From now on, we know how to officially refer to Jonathan Chait, alleged journalist and neoliberal activist.