Cyberstalker Louis Proyect comes out as Nazi collaborator apologist, after cheering on Syrian al-Qaeda

Louis Proyect, the pathological liar and cyberstalker who obsessively monitors everything I do and writes about me incessantly, has photoshopped my head on a cockroach (among other things) and creepily told me, “I write about you in the same way a microbiologist puts cancer cells under a microscope. Get used to it.”

He has now taken his troubling fixation with me outside of his “Louis Proyect The Unrepentant Marxist” blog and Marxmail “Marxism mailing list” and to my work place, AlterNet, to pen apologism for Nazi collaborators.

I published an article for AlterNet’s Grayzone Project, titled “In Flashy New Film, NATO Celebrates Nazi Collaborators Who Murdered Jews in the Holocaust,” detailing how the North Atlantic Treaty Organization produced a movie that whitewashes the Forest Brothers — Baltic anti-Soviet partisans many of whom had previously been members of the Nazi regime’s genocidal Waffen SS — lionizing them as anti-communist heroes.

Louis Proyect, who is always disturbingly watching me, was the first person to reply to my piece.

A hyper-sectarian Trotskyite who smears everyone who dares to disagree with his ludicrous views as a “Stalinist,” Proyect continued using this ridiculous slur against me (as he has done constantly, on his website and elsewhere).

Proyect effectively defended the mass-murdering Nazi collaborators,  while also demonstrating his childish affinity for personal insults, calling me a “media whore of the left.” He wrote:

Like most Stalinists, Ben Norton has a tunnel-vision of history. Yes, Baltic nationalists allied with the Nazis but only after the Red Army had committed huge atrocities during the Ribbentrop-Molotov pact. In Estonia, for example, 8,000 Estonians were arrested when the country became a Soviet colony. 2,000 were executed on the spot and the rest sent to gulags in Russia–never to return. Meanwhile, this was all before the Nazis invaded Estonia as part of its attack on Russia. Hatred of “Communism” had a lot to do with how Stalin trampled on the rights of “lesser nationalities” such as the Georgians, Poles, Ukrainians, Estonians, et al. On his deathbed Lenin began waging a struggle against Stalin. How ironic that Ben Norton has picked up where the Stalinist apologists left off. I guess that’s what happens when you become a media whore of the left.

In other words, soi-disant “Louis Proyect the Unrepentant Marxist” would have us believe Baltic nationalists had no choice but to join the Waffen SS (which required a loyalty oath to Adolf Hitler); it was all the Soviet Union’s fault. (Note: this is exactly the same argument actual neo-Nazis make.)

Another commenter using the name Partisan Zero responded to Proyect’s libelous comment:

This paragraph by Louie Proyect is solid gold. That he loves the Forest Brothers and understands the special needs of “stay behind” units composed of Nazi war criminals may help informed readers understand Louie’s profound love of Al Qaeda when it’s cutting the livers out of Shia and Christians in Syria — and eating them on camera. Don’t believe? Ask him.

louis proyect nazi apologist

The commenter was alluding to the fact that Proyect is also an apologist for Syrian al-Qaeda.

Louis Proyect expressed support for Jabhat al-Nusra, Syria’s al-Qaeda affiliate, in its war against the Syrian government, hoping the murderous Salafi extremist militia uses weapons provided by the US government “to blast the Syrian military to hell.”

Yet this is not surprising: if Proyect is willing to defend and rationalize the genocidal fanatics who lead the armed Syrian opposition today, who have indiscriminately killed and ethnically cleansed religious and ethnic minorities in Syria, it only makes sense that he would be willing to defend and rationalize the genocidal fanatics who indiscriminately killed and ethnically cleansed religious and ethnic minorities in World War II.

“Louis Proyect The Unrepentant Marxist”

Louis Proyect is a totally insignificant gadfly who spends all of his day writing blog posts for a small choir of fellow apologists for war and imperialism.

I would not care a scintilla about Proyect if he were not maniacally monitoring everything I do and say and lying nonstop about me and colleagues like Max Blumenthal.

His unhinged obsession with me is frankly incredibly disturbing and worrying, and I wish I did not have to even acknowledge his existence.

But given the constant barrage of falsehoods, smears, and libel “Louis Proyect the Unrepentant Marxist” spews about me, it is important that readers know just how deranged he is.