Media goes crazy with story of French teacher “attacked by ISIS” — which he admits is a lie

You can basically make up anything about ISIS, and the Western media will uncritically repeat it.

Just last week, an exposé found that a Muslim U.S. military veteran who was smeared by the right-wing media as a supposed member of ISIS was in fact completely innocent.

On the same day, it was revealed that claims that Mexican drug leader El Chapo had declared war on ISIS — as reported by The New York Post, Fox News, and even Forbes — were actually completely false. They were unsubstantiated rumors based on a joke created by a satirical news site.

This morning, we have yet another example. The media went crazy with a story about a French teacher who claimed he was stabbed by ISIS in a classroom.

Countless publications and news outlets fear-mongered about the story, stressing that it led to a “manhunt” in France, and put the country “on edge.”

The problem is, yet again, this is an utter fabrication. The teacher was not attacked by ISIS. He later admitted to authorities that he made up the story.

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