Neo-Nazis Held Pro-Police Demonstration in Washington

White supremacist neo-Nazis held an anti-Black Lives Matter and pro-police demonstration in Olympia, Washington on the evening of 30 May.

Olympia police shot two unarmed black men on 21 May. Since that time, Black Lives Matter civil rights activists held protests calling for the cops who shot them to be punished. The neo-Nazis gathered at Olympia’s city hall in order to defend the police.

The demonstration reminds one of the enormous pro-police “Sea of Blue” rally in Cleveland, Ohio on 27 December 2014 that was actually an almost 100% sea of white.

The anti-fascist, anti-racist blog olydocuments has collected information about the hate group and its violently racist members.

In its report, local newspaper The Olympian only identifies the protesters as white supremacists. They, however, were not just white supremacists, but also neo-Nazis. Raw Story makes this clear in its report, which includes video of the protest (embedded below).

My Northwest reported that approximately 140-145 anti-racist counterprotesters showed up to oppose the fascist demonstration.

The neo-Nazis later attacked the anti-fascist and anti-racist activists.

Washingtonians who were at the counter-protest expressed disdain with the The Olympian report, which accused the leftist counterprotesters of aggression.

Commenting on the article, Lesley Wick remarks “You’re portraying this as if it were the anti-white supremacists who perpetrated aggression and property damage. That is -not- what happened. It was the neo-nazis who were smashing things and spoiling for a fight.”

Another commenter claimed that he has the attack on film.

Austin James Dalton wrote “The absurd irony, of course, is that the Nazis and their assorted jack-booted ilk will almost certainly be the first to push a sentimental narrative about how they’re ‘just supporting the OPD’, implying they actually have the community’s interest at heart somehow. Unsurprisingly, they’ll also be the first to bring out the baseball bats and shivs. That’s just fascist ideology for you: as inherently sentimental as it is inherently violent.”

Lesley Wick later adds “I’ve had personal experience with at least one of the Nazis involved. He is a self identifying Nazi. If you knew anything about racist skinheads (as opposed to the not racist skinheads) you would know what symbols they use to identify themselves. A swastika is not the only (stolen) symbol they use. Do some research. Any skinhead wearing red shoelaces has proved his willingness to be violent by attacking someone. White laces means they’re looking for the opportunity to prove themselves. Lots of pictures of guys with white shoe laces that night.”

Someone going by the name Luna Raccoon writes “This article is ridiculous and just glosses over the fact that there were nazis in Olympia. These are violent, hateful people. The other night at a protest they told me that they took my picture were going to hunt me down away from a crowd and find me because I’m queer. They are a threat and have been here for upwards of a week and THIS is the first time you mention it?!”