Racist Bill Maher: “Western Culture Is Not Just Different; It Is Better”

Blog / Sunday, September 28th, 2014

(28 September 2014)

I’ve been tracking Maher’s racism, misogyny, and imperialist war-mongering for a while now… and it’s getting even worse.

On 26 September, the bigot managed to muster up enough blind ignorant hate to approach a new, even lower low. Liberal messiah Bill Maher has gotten to the point where he is now, openly on live TV, literally claiming that “Western culture is not just different; it is better.”

See 1:26 in the following video clip from his live show Real Time with Bill Maher, broadcast to millions of viewers:

Describing the clip, the official Real Time YouTube channel writes “In his editorial New Rule, Bill Maher beseeches Americans to stand up for their liberal values.”

Apparently “liberal values” mean “We, the advanced white Westerners, are so much better than those backward savages.”

His willingness to completely write off oppression in his own country is a popular Maherian trick. To the pontificating pundit, racism, patriarchy, and cisheterosexism in the West is not important (or even non-existent) because there are more violent acts of racism, patriarchy, and cisheterosexism elsewhere.

This colonialist view has of course been used to advocate cultural imperialism for centuries. “Look how free our women our; look how oppressed theirs are! We are superior!” Or, as Spivak famously wrote, “White men are saving brown women from brown men.” Maher, nonetheless, has never been one to shy away from appropriating (and shamelessly, at that) colonialist rhetoric and thought.

Fellow seasoned bigot Richard Dawkins applauded Maher for the “Typical bravery” he demonstrates in this segment.

I propose that we—we seekers of justice and equity—instead condemn Maher for the “Typical bigotry” he displays live on air, day in, day out.

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