Right-wing media spreads blatant lies, smearing Muslim-American veteran as ISIS member with zero evidence

When myths confirm widespread bigotries and serve the interests of the powerful, they are frequently reported in the media as fact, even if they are completely groundless. Nowhere is this more evident than in the blatant lies spread by right-wing news outlets about Saadiq Long, a Muslim-American Air Force veteran they accused of joining ISIS.

“Poster boy for ‘no-fly’ unfairness held in Turkish prison, accused of helping ISIS,” Fox News reported in late November. The list of media outlets and pundits who joined Fox in spreading the myth reads like a Who’s Who of right-wing propagandists.

An exposé by The Intercept, however, found that the accusations made against Long are utterly bogus. The report is based on complete lies.

“The story is entirely false: a fabrication,” Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Glenn Greenwald and his colleague Murtaza Hussain wrote in the article. “Neither Long nor his wife or daughter have been arrested on charges that he joined ISIS. He faces no criminal charges of any kind in Turkey.”

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