Rights Groups: 80% of Yemenis in Need of Humanitarian Aid Due to US-Backed War

(This article is published in Mondoweiss.)

21 million people in Yemen are in need of humanitarian aid, but the world is largely ignoring it, an officer for international human rights organization Save the Children warns in an op-ed in the Guardian.

There are around 26.7 million people in Yemen, according to the World Factbook. This means approximately four-fifths of Yemenis are in need of humanitarian aid.

The Saudi-led, US-backed “war has left Yemen, already the poorest country in the region, mired in a humanitarian crisis,” writes Mark Kaye, humanitarian advocacy and communications manager for the NGO.

Violence has spread to 20 of Yemen’s 22 provinces, creating what the UN and human rights organizations call a “humanitarian catastrophe.”

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