Saudi-Led Coalition Bombs Yemen Wedding with US Weapons, Killing 131 Civilians

(This article is published in Mondoweiss.)

The Saudi-led, US-backed coalition killed 131 civilians, including at least 80 women, after bombing a wedding in Yemen on September 28. The Saudi government said the attack was an accident and that it meant to target rebels, yet a representative of humanitarian organization Doctors Without Borders revealed there was no military presence near the wedding. This attack marks the deadliest day in the war in Yemen, which has now gone on for over half a year.

At least 2,355 civilians have been killed in Yemen since the war broke out on March 26, according to the UN. 4,862 more have been wounded. The Saudi-led, US-backed coalition is responsible for approximately two-thirds of civilian deaths and civilian property destruction, the UN says.

This is not the first time Yemeni civilians celebrating a wedding have been killed with US weapons. A US drone fired four missiles at a wedding convoy in Yemen in December 2013, killing a dozen people.

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