Siding with Christian fanatics like Carson over Chomsky, Sam Harris exposes inherent conservatism of “New Atheism”

Anti-religious prophet Sam Harris has, once again, exposed the conservatism at the heart of the so-called “New Atheist” movement.

Harris’ belief, doubtless genuine, that he is acting on behalf of “civilization” is oddly reminiscent of the “White Man’s Burden,” held by turn-of-the-century colonialists who saw themselves as civilizers making great sacrifices to bring progress to the “backward” barbarians they ruthlessly colonized.

Defense of Western civilization is the burden Harris and his ilk have placed upon their shoulders. They carry the weight of the world, in their view. They have turned themselves into anti-religious martyrs — into self-styled secular shahids, if you will, to reference the Arabic term. And their allies in their anti-Muslim jihad are Christian fundamentalists who fancy themselves contemporary crusaders.

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