“Successful for 14 years”: McCain rewrites history of US war that tortured Afghanistan, calls for more

(This article is published in Salon.)

The U.S. invaded Afghanistan to ensure it “would never again be a safe haven for al-Qaeda or other radical Islamist terrorists to attack us again,” John McCain said in a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing on Tuesday morning. And “that mission has been successful for 14 years.”

To say al-Qaeda has not again attacked Americans on U.S. soil is technically correct, but to call such a mission “successful” is mindbogglingly myopic. No rational person can look at the situation throughout South Asia and the Middle East today and say U.S. military intervention has been a success. This would take either extreme blindness or sheer delusion.

McCain insisted “American troops and civilians have made steady progress in supporting our Afghan partners to secure their country and dealt severe blows to al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups.” Yet these claims blatantly defy the facts on the ground.

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