Supporting Fascist Contingents of Popular Uprisings—Just Another Day in US Foreign Policy

(21 February 2014)

A poster from the far-right-wing Venezuelan youth group JAVU has been making its way around the internet:

javu poster

This is what the US corporate media calls the “democratic” opposition in Venezuela—far-right extremists.

This of course wouldn’t be the first time the US corporate media and US government have supported fascist forces in popular uprisings… in the past month (see: Ukraine, Syria, etc.).

This isn’t to say that the uprisings in these countries have been strictly fascist. It’s complex. The uprising in Ukraine (like uprisings in Egypt, Syria, Bosnia, etc.) is a diverse uprising, with many contingents, but the situation in Ukraine is particularly terrifying because there is a strong fascist element to it. The Guardian explains that “In Ukraine, fascists, oligarchs and western expansion are at the heart of the crisis.” Channel 4 explains that, “far-right extremists are at the core of ‘democracy’ protests.”

Syria is a real horror story right now, because the US (along with other Western countries) is supporting far-right Islamist rebel groups while European fascists support Assad. The Syrian people are truly “between a rock and a hard place,” if you will.

The real crux of the issue lies in the fact that, although the opposition forces in all of these uprisings are diverse, the US happens to be supporting the far-right contingents of these diverse uprisings. This is, of course, by no means new—it has been doing this for centuries. If anything, supporting far-right contingents of popular uprisings has been the modus operandi of US foreign policy since it has had a foreign policy.

The situation in Venezuela is especially complex right now. Revolution-News’ article “Venezuela: “McRevolution” Attempts Regime Change” stands as the best article on Venezuela I’ve read yet, explaining how terrifying the violent far-right extremist uprising is, but too how there are legitimate critiques of the Maduro government to be made.

We will see how the people of Venezuela will respond to the fascists in their midst. Whatever the result, however, be assured that the US will have been on the side of corporate interest and exploitation. The US has NEVER, ever, acted as a “guardian angel,” as much as liberal imperialists like to insist. In these conflicts, the US is only acting as it always has: in its interest, and in its interest alone (“its interest” being a euphemism for the interest of the multinational corporations that it serves).