On Syrian war, extremist Salafi rebels, “Arab Spring,” US hypocrisy, Saudi Arabia — Interview on Dead Pundits Society

(Syria Ben Norton)

I joined Adam Proctor’s podcast Dead Pundits Society to discuss the nuances of the six-year war in Syria and the crucial role of extremist Salafi jihadist rebels in the Syrian opposition.

I also addressed the 2011 uprisings commonly referred to as the “Arab Spring” and the intense hypocrisy of the US response: backing regimes that violently cracked down on protests in allied countries (e.g., Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Egypt, Tunisia) while simultaneously supporting rebels committed to toppling enemy states (e.g., Libya, Syria).

We were joined by journalist Rania Khalek, who has written and reported extensively on the war in Syria, Israel-Palestine, and disastrous US foreign policy in the broader region.

This is the first part of our lengthy, 2.5-hour interview on Syria and US meddling in the Middle East. You can listen to it here: