The Absurdity of the ‘Post-Racial America’ Myth in One Graph

The constant killings of unarmed black teens by white police should alone serve as a reminder that the notion of “post-racial America” is a preposterous myth.

Not to mention the floods of white racists—and even the KKK—who are vociferously supporting the white police who shoot unarmed black people.

Or the leaked text messages from white supremacist police officers who call for the genocide of black Americans.

Or the rise in anti-black racism on US college campuses.

Or the explicitly racist “War on Drugs.”

Or the 21st-century lynching of black teens.

If, for some reason, none of these constitute enough reason to doubt the myth of “post-racial America,” however, perhaps this graph will:

bullets and bars graph

Although, according to US Census data, 78% of Americans are white and only 13% are black, black Americans are over six times more likely to be murdered by police and over five times more likely to be incarcerated.

This is what white supremacy and mass incarceration look like.