The Heritage Foundation’s Dabbling in Eugenics (Surprise, Surprise)

(11 May 2013)

Think eugenics and (pseudo)”scientific”-racism were only in the past? Think again.

The far-right so-called “intellectuals” in The Heritage Foundation “think”tank embrace them openly.

Check this shit out.
“Heritage Study Author: ‘Hispanic Immigrants Will Have Low-IQ Children’”


Of course, now we’ll get a bunch of white people yelling IQ tesz r OBJECTIV, DUH. wut r u ANTI-SCIENZ or sumthin!!!!!! They’ll loudly proclaim that we don’t understand science, that we’re strawmanning the “carefully conducted” research.

Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

Don’t forget, science is NEVER objective. It is always value-laden, particularly that of the social variety.

One Dianna E. Anderson writes well on the subject in her blog entry “Elephant in the Dock: The White Male As Neutral and Objective.”
(It’s from a Christian perspective, which I don’t condone, but religion is only peripheral to it at best; and it’s a great dissection of (white male) privilege vis-à-vis scholarly “objectivity” nonetheless.)