The NYC Climate Convergence

The NYC Climate Convergence was held from 19-21 September, on the eve of the People’s Climate March, the largest climate march in US history, for which activists from around the US converged in New York City. On its official website, the Climate Convergence describes itself:

Before corporate and governmental leaders arrive in New York City this September for the UN Climate Summit, System Change Not Climate Change together with the Global Climate Convergence will be laying the groundwork for an alternative summit, what we’re calling New York City Climate Convergence.

Our objective is to build and strengthen an environmental movement that addresses the root causes of the climate crises; a social-economic system that values profits above people, planet and peace. As the corporate captured UN proposes false solutions like carbon trading and sets meager greenhouse reduction targets, we will show the world what tackling global warming from the bottom up looks like.

Occurring in the runup to the People’s Climate March – slated to be the largest climate march in U.S. history – the Climate Convergence from September 19th to the 21st will draw thousands across North America and the world.

I arrived on the 20th, and attended panels throughout the day. As a photojournalist, I documented the event.


War and the Climate Crisis: History, Analysis, and Strategic Conclusions
featuring Marilyn Levin, Michael Klare, Margaret Kimberley
organized by the United National Antiwar Coalition


Margaret Kimberley
of Black Agenda Report


Margaret Levin
of the United National Antiwar Committee


Race, Class, and Climate Change
featuring Ronnie Flores, Sarah Pomar, Brian Jones
organized by the International Socialist Organization


Sarah Pomar
a local organizer speaking about in Chicago


Ronnie Flores


Brian Jones
an educator, actor, and socialist in NYC, running for Lt. Governor


Imperialism, the Middle East, and Oil
featuring Michael Schwartz, Ashley Smith
organized by the International Socialist Organization


Ashley Smith
an independent scholar, political analyst, regular contributor to Socialist Worker, and member of the editorial board of the International Socialist Review


Michael Schwartz
Distinguished Teaching Professor of Sociology, faculty director of the Undergraduate College of Global Studies, and Chair of the Sociology Department at the State University of New York at Stony Brook


Closing Plenary
featuring Naomi Klein, Jacqui Patterson, Desmond D’Sa, Olga Bautista


Naomi Klein
writer and journalist

At this point, after a long day of amazing panels and conversations with brilliant activists, journalists, and scholars, my phone died.

Earlier in the day, fortunately, I did get a chance to catch up with my former boss and role model, Medea Benjamin.

It was an amazing day. And the People’s Climate March the morning after was the perfect supplement.