The US Media’s Attack on Gaza

You’ve got to be kidding me… This is a real AP headline: “Over 100 killed in Gaza as rockets fall on Israel.”

As Max Blumenthal asked, “How did those rockets falling on Israel kill 100 in Gaza?”

Israel certainly didn’t drop them; they presumably came from Hamas, or must’ve just fallen down the stairs.

The US corporate media uses intentionally misleading and ambiguous headlines like this to draw attention away from the fact that it is Israel who is slaughtering Palestine. It has been doing whatever it can to make the Palestinians look like the aggressor.

The media has been treating this issue as if both sides were equally responsible for violence, that Israel is acting only in “self-defense.” They are not.

Uncoincidentally, during Jim Crow, the media did the same for white lynchers. The racist murderers were always supposedly acting in “self-defense” against the “terrorists” trying to harm them.

The same is true today, in the racist, ethnocratic, apartheid, settler colonialist state of Israel. Israel is the aggressor, as it always has been; Israel instigated the violence, as it always has, in complete violation of international law, as it always has. And, Palestine, under international law, has the right to self-defense.

In only four days of Operation Offensive Edge:
>100 Palestinians have died.
>700 Palestinians have been injured.
>3000 Palestinian homes have been destroyed.
In the meantime, zero Israelis have been injured. Not one. Not a single person.

This is not a “war”; this is a massacre, a genocide of Palestinians.

And the corporate media, by misleading the public like this, is absolutely, positively complicit in this wanton destruction and murder.