Coronation of Clinton-backed neoliberal DNC chair Tom Perez is reminder Democratic Party cannot be reformed

Blog / Saturday, February 25th, 2017

The Democratic Party is a graveyard.

Far-right billionaire bigot President Trump is excited. He knows the Wall Street-backed, second-most enthusiastic capitalist party may once again help him get elected.

The expected loss of Keith Ellison in the campaign for the new chair of the Democratic National Committee only further underscores the need for a new, workers’ party.

Following are some further thoughts on the crowning of Clinton-backed neoliberal Tom Perez as the new DNC head, in the form of a Twitter essay, with links for further reading:

(Before the vote)

(After the vote)

This is of course to be expected from a party whose leaders, in the face of leftist critics, declare, “We’re capitalist; that’s just the way it is!”