Top 15 Moments in the 2nd 2015 GOP Debate

1. The religious invocation of the hallowed name of saintly Ronald Reagan over 20 times

2. Jeb! reluctantly admitting “40 years ago I smoked marijuana”

3. Jeb! saying he wants to put right-wing UK Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher on the US $10 bill.

4. Rubio, Cruz, and Trump insisting that they want to put Rosa Parks on the $10 bill (Parks was a radical leftist who supported the Black Panthers)

5. Marco Rubio insisting that criminals break laws “because they are criminals,” graciously sharing his breathtaking, mind-blowing wisdom

6. A debate moderator telling Donald Trump, in an understatement, “You have said once or twice that you are really rich”

7. Trump spreading incredibly dangerous, pseudo-scientific anti-vaccine myths live on TV

8. Ben Carson saying he opposed the US invasion of Iraq, and Donald Trump promptly high-fiving him

9. Kasich basically calling for a sectarian religious war against ISIS based on “our faith in the Jewish and Christian principles” live on TV

10. Ted Cruz turning and looking straight into the camera and speaking slowly, like he’s reading poetry, every time he spoke

11. Donald Trump claiming “We have a lot of really bad dudes in this country from outside,” using “dudes” to disguise racism

12. Jeb! bragging that he wrote a book

13. Ben Carson insisting that immigrants should only be allowed in the US to slave away as agricultural workers, i.e., exploited neo-braceros

14. Donald Trump claiming people from Asia are coming to the US to have babies who then have to be taken care of by the government

15. Fearmongering about supposed existential threats to “Western civilization” over 10 times

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