Trump admin. ramping up tension, hurtling toward war with Iran — Interview on The Real News

I joined The Real News to discuss how the administration of President Donald Trump has been ramping up tension with Iran.

On Friday, February 3, the Trump administration announced new economic sanctions against Iran — the latest in a string of aggressive punitive measures taken against the country. This came just one day after White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer falsely accused Iran of attacking a U.S. Navy vessel (it was actually Yemeni Houthi rebels who attacked a Saudi warship), and another day after National Security Adviser Michael Flynn said the U.S. was “officially putting Iran on notice.”

This aggressive posturing comes at the same time that the Trump administration is reaching out to Saudi Arabia and building even closer ties with the extremist absolute monarchy. President Trump himself already had an extended phone call with Saudi King Salman, in which the two reportedly agreed on everything they discussed. And Defense Secretary James Mattis, who is notorious for his decades-long anti-Iran animus, had his own call this week with Saudi Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

Iran has long been a target for U.S. regime change. General Wesley Clark famously exposed that the Bush administration had plans to topple the governments of seven countries in five years, and Iran was the cherry on top of the list. The Trump administration, which is chock-full of anti-Iran hawks, appears to be reviving this neoconservative dream.

You can watch my interview here, or on The Real News website.