How Trump’s illegal Jerusalem move lifts mask on US anti-Palestine policy – Al Jazeera Balkans interview

Blog / Saturday, December 23rd, 2017

I joined Al Jazeera Balkans to discuss President Donald Trump’s recognition of illegally occupied Jerusalem as the supposed capital of Israel, and how this previously unofficial US policy has been coming for some time.

Both hegemonic US political parties — Republicans and Democrats alike — welcomed Trump’s illegal move, exposing the myth that the US has ever been a “neutral arbiter” on Israel-Palestine. It was the US that killed the two-state solution, in total disregard for the Palestinian people; this is yet another nail in the coffin.

I speak in the segment from 5:40 to 15:07.

I also discussed how this Jerusalem decision further solidifies the relations between Israel and the regimes in Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

According to Israeli media reports, Saudi Arabia and Egypt even greenlighted Trump’s policy — another sign of the closeness of US-backed Gulf regimes to Israel, and of their total abandonment of the Palestinian liberation struggle.