Trump’s escalating wars, civilian casualties, media, military-industrial complex — Interview on Middle East in Focus

I joined the radio show Middle East in Focus, on Los Angeles’ listener-sponsored station KPFK, for an hour-long discussion with host Nagwa Ibrahim.

You can listen to the interview below, or download it here:

We spoke about President Donald Trump’s escalation of the wars in YemenSyria, and Afghanistan, along with his saber-rattling against Iran and North Korea.

We also addressed an issue often overlooked by corporate media outlets: the large and growing number of civilian casualties of these US wars. And we discussed the military-industrial complex and who benefits from endless war.

I was accompanied by two great guests. In the first segment, Hoda Katebi, an organizer and political fashion blogger, addressed the war in Afghanistan, empire’s dehumanization of Muslims, and white supremacy.

In the second segment, Professor Vijay Prashad, a historian and unbelievably prolific writer, spoke more about war, imperialism, and the military-industrial complex.